How To Activate Stage Credit Card Step By Step Process

Activation Of  The Stage Credit Card

The Activation of the  Stage credit card So far we have been discussing the rates and login and rest processes. We have learned about the Stage Credit card its benefits, but every material which has the merits does deals with the demerits. Our stage credit card is one amongst them. So basically it’s a credit card sometimes handling too many credit cards leads to the perplexing situation of managing the balance.


These demerits will come into play when we will be having too many credit cards. We must keep in mind that, for maintaining our Stage credit card we must need to Activate it, which we haven’t done so far. So moving on to the activation of the credit card.


We have to follow up some protocols: There can be two possible ways of activating the card, both of them are mentioned below:


  • First and foremost step is to look for any number printed or attached to the card via sticker or it can also be the paperwork inside the envelope in which you received your card.


  • Most probably this 1-800-315-7260 kind of number is available on the card.


  • Now in the next step, it may be necessary for us to be ready with the contact details, SSN number and mobile number which we are connected with.


  • The number which we have on the card has to be called. While calling it we will be in a queue and a recorded message will be heard.


  • Now the recorded voice would ask for the confirmation in regards to which we would input the SSN or security number for confirmation.


  • Now the last step after completing all the above process is to peel off the sticker and to sign the credit card.


stage credit card activation


Method 2 :

The second method is to activate the card online.

  • For activating the card online, one must find the activation information on the sticker or in the envelope.
  • After this, you need to fill the information provided on the card with your SSN and DOB to the card’s website.
  • Now review the information you have filled and submit.
  • Now for the confirmation, the financial institution will call you or send a verification code to the email. You will have to confirm it.
  • Now remove the activation sticker on the card and sign the card.
  • Now you can easily log in to your Stage card account online and it has been activated.

After the activation process, it is the time to use your credit card. The cardholder will represent the card to the merchant. Then the merchant will let him swipe through the swipe machine. This swipe is forwarded to the point of sale (POS) terminal, then the customer’s credit card details are sent to the appointed bank and then the processor forwards the credit card details to the credit card network.

The credit card network clears the payment and requests payment authorization from the issuer bank. This authorization request includes the credit card number, credit card expiration date, address verification system, CVV, and the payable amount. That’s how a Stage credit card or we can say a normal credit card can be activated and used.

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Activation Of  The Stage Credit Card
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