How To Apply Stage Credit Card Step By Step Process

Introduction to stage credit card:

Apply stage credit card is a credit card that is owned by Comenity Bank. Comenity Bank is a leading name in the Financial sector worldwide. It offers credit cards through its retail chains and at present, it is having 163 Comenity banks all across the globe with 50 million cardholders. One of its product is STAGE card. This card is only meant for specifically few stores. It is used for purchasing goods at Bealls, Goody, Palais Royal, and Peebles store. Although, this card comes with great benefits so opting to choose this one won’t let your bank balance fall. Let us discuss the plus side of the card.

It’s a card holding up benefits for you each n every single day.

You can even earn double points every day on a spending $1 only. Yes ! you heard that right.

In here $1 spent = 1 point. When these earned rewards get summed up to $100 you get $5 as a cashback! Isn’t that awesome? Not only this, the fun part is you even get a bonus on your birthday as well as on CHRISTMAS! You get $10 for the normal Credit card and $20 as a bonus on your Platinum credit card on your birthday.

Now the thing is, here you got to know about the deal, but haven’t shown you the path yet.

The question that arises is:

How to apply for the card?

Simple as that on all the credit cards one has to meet the requirements that are every bank is having its own Eligibility criteria.

Some of them important are listed below.

Required Documents:

  • For applying for the credit card, an applicant must be above the age of maturity. That is the legal age to marry in their respective country.
  • The applicant must be having a valid government ID issued.
  • The candidate must be having its social security number.
  • A valid and approved mailing address that is an APO must be added.
  • For Apply Stage Credit Card must be having Account Statement


So up till here, we met the “MUST HAVES” for applying for the Stage credit card. Now let me Guide you through the eternal path of the Credit card. Lame isn’t it? Huh, I know.


We are almost there, moving further to apply for the card,” ONE MUST FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL !”Below are the mandatory protocols: As you know what is the Comenity Bank and of course it must be having a portal. So the thing is to open the browser and search for the portal.

  • As soon as you go through the webpage you’ll find a SIGN IN pop box on the front itself, asking for username and password.apply stage credit card
  • Now here enter your name, DOB, SSN, etc.
  • For acquiring a credit card you have to mention your annual income because on this basis precisely you’ll stand at the edge of the selection criteria.

  • Now as I mentioned above you have to mention your Legal address that is no P.O. box number would work in here. You have to fill in each n every street APO/FPO you are residing in, with your house number.
  • Fill in the phone number you use, and add E-mail which is optional.
  • You will have to add an authorized buyer.

  • After that, you will have the terms and conditions in front of you to review it and click on AGREE.
  • Submit it on the portal.

And BAM here you go. Congratulations! You have successfully made it apply for the credit card.


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How To Apply Stage Credit Card Step By Step Process
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